St. Patrick’s Day Songs

“If I Should Fall from Grace with God”- The Pogues: This is the song that is popularly known as “that one song from that car commercial and I don’t understand what the guy is singing”. Shane MacGowan is popular for that, mainly because he is usually inebriated. The Pogues are one of the most famous acts to come out of Ireland, and quite frankly, one of the best. “Fall from Grace,” is the song you will hear everywhere on St. Patrick’s Day, and that is reason enough for making this list.

The Pogues – If I should Fall from Grace with God

“Danny Boy”- The Irish Tenors: Most popular Irish song ever made? I believe so. Everybody has performed Danny Boy, but I selected the Irish Tenors because they made the best version. The song has been played at numerous funerals, becoming a favorite, but has been disputed over its appropriateness. The lyrics’ meaning has been the subject of a popular argument for years; no one knows the true meaning. Set that aside, Danny Boy is the most popular Irish folk song of all time, and is good for any occasion, and in this case, the pubs, the pubs are calling.

The Irish Tenors – Danny Boy

“Sweet Thing”- Van Morrison: Astral Weeks is arguably the greatest album ever recorded, the reason being that Van Morrison is a perfectionist. Sweet Thing is the most hypnotically recorded moment on the album. Its instrumentation brings to mind images of Ireland that not many have seen, but are created through the imagination. The songs flute attribution is its strongest and most memorable moment, besides Morrison’s vocal performance.

Van Morrison – Sweet Thing

“Sunday Bloody Sunday”- U2: One of the most popular protest songs, “Sunday Bloody Sunday” is an Irish rock classic. Bloody Sunday occurred on January 30th, 1972 when 13 civil rights protesters were killed by British troops in Derry, North Ireland. The song itself is instantly recognizably within seconds of listening; in fact, if you haven’t heard it before you are one of the few.

U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

“Galway Bay”- Bing Crosby: Besides being a war doctor, Arthur Colahan was also a songwriter. He will be remembered for writing “Galway Bay,” but it is Bing Crosby who will be remembered for performing it. The song serves as an allegory of Colahan’s childhood, when his family moved to Galway, Ireland. Crosby’s rendition was the most popular song at one point in time, and it will always be a signature song on St. Patrick’s Day.

Bing Crosby – Galway Bay