More than summerfest

School is out, Summerfest is over, family vacations are happening, bonfires with friends light up the night, local shows at the Rave, The Metal Grill and Miramar are happening, Wisconsin weather is driving us all crazy with all the storms and bigger-must-go-to festivals are happening. Some of those festivals happening in our state! No need to travel Los Angeles or some random city in Canada to see the BIG must see festivals! Maybe a short drive drive to Chicago though for some, but some are happening in this great land called Wisconsin.


Being as close as we are to the Lakefront, we are no stranger to Summerfest. That big 11 day festival that Principal Calarco was handing out tickets to; that has over 800 acts playing; that festival that has a music group for anymore. From mainstream hipsters with their Iphones and chilattes who probably are going to see the Chainsmokers or Neon Trees to that kid with a mohawk you would be afraid to talk to thats probably seeing Five Finger Death Punch or Motley Crue.  That festival tailors so no one necessarily can say “Why should I go, no one I like is playing”.  While other festivals tailor to certain genres; Country, Dubstep, Metal, Rock, Punk, Pop, Jazz; you name it there is a special event just for them. Unfortunately some events have passed like Country Fest or Electric Forest but some have just sold out because of their stellar lineup; like Lollapalooza.


For those of us who live and breathe the concert life of a punk-rock-metalhead, our summer is just getting started with all the events that are just happening in July alone.


  • Motely Crue is coming to Summerfest(4th) for their “Final Tour” ever- an event not to miss-
  • Rockfest- Cadott- July 17th-20th- www.
  • Rock USA-Oshkosh- July 16th-19th-
  • Rockstar Mayhem-Chicago 20th –

           *this year there is ‘Taste Of Mayhem’ at the Rave which is Mayhem minus Korn and Avenged Sevenfold-