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As Fall is nearing, we all get a sweet tooth. To satisfy this craving, enjoy this brownie recipe. This recipe is one of our best. It never fails to deliver delicious gooey brownies. Plus it is really easy to make. All you need is a bowl, a whisk or fork, and a pan and you’re ready!

Ultimate Chocolate Brownies & Buttercream Frosting

Ultimate Chocolate Brownies

One Bowl Buttercream Frosting

Credit: Best Loved Hershey’s Recipes by Publications International

Spicy Baked Salmon

I think it is important for people to try things that they haven’t. Most of the time people discover that they liked something that was new or out of the ordinary. A number of people have never tried salmon before. For those people out there, this is your chance to try it! I made this recipe for dinner on Sunday and it turned out great. It was quick and easy and full of flavor. This recipe might also make some really good fish tacos. This is a great experience, even if you don’t like it or it didn’t turn out. Be proud of the fact you tried to make salmon. Enjoy!

Spicy Baked Salmon



About the Authors: Clarence Diogo and Christopher Monty

Cooking is a universal activity. Almost anyone can get in the kitchen and learn how to cook. We believe it so important for high-school students to be able to cook. I mean cooking is so much fun and rewarding. The problem with cooking is that everyone thinks cooking yourself is hard and expensive. Guess what, cooking things from scratch is cheaper than buying pre-made meals. We only post things we make from scratch.  Don’t worry though, first we will start out easy. We know health isn’t always everyones first concern, but we will still try to post things that are healthy. Get ready for a great year of party dishes, appetizers, entrees and especially our favorite desserts. Thanks for reading and look for our next recipe post.