Freshmen and Color Wars: Bad Combination?

By Anna Baish

As homecoming week begins, freshmen grow worried in anticipation as the dreaded Color Wars day approaches.

Color Wars is a day in homecoming week where each grade wears a specific color, and grades can tag other grades with tape of their color. It is not unusual for freshmen to get tagged quite heavily.

Many freshmen know what Color Wars holds for them; whether they hear stories from older siblings, or have witnessed lowerclassmen getting tagged themselves.

“I was there for it last year because I was shadowing my brother,” says freshman Henry Tyson. “I did get to see Braeden Schrems get taped to a chair, and I thought it was pretty funny.”

Although freshmen usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to Color Wars, there are a few ways for them to “survive”, as junior Nadiyah Salawdeh puts it.

“Make sure to wear your hair up or else you will get tape stuck in it. And if you are not going to participate, make sure you don’t wear a color that everyone else is wearing,” says Salawdeh. “And remember to have fun! It’s not like it’s a terrible day, even if you are a freshman.”

In the past, there has been some talk of ending Color Wars because of the aggressive taping that some of the upperclassmen inflict upon the lower classes. But this year, the administration has decided to keep the tradition going.

“As long as everyone is safe and considerate, Color Wars is a lot of fun,” says associate principal Clint Grochowski. “The first year I was here, I was shocked by how much tape the students used, but it’s all in good fun and it is personally my favorite day of the entire week.”

Color Wars is an opportunity for all grades to connect and have fun, but freshmen take heed; let the upperclassmen tag you, and you’ll get your turn next year.

Photo Cred: Alicia Picard