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Surviving Color Wars: A Struggle for all Freshmen

Article by Henry Tyson

We have all once been freshmen, and we have all heard joking threats from upperclassman concerning color wars.

The problem is, some freshman take this banter to heart, and go into homecoming week frightened and  afraid to join in the fun.

Color wars is a tradition held by Wauwatosa West in which each different grade dresses in one, solid color. The students proceed to tag, or stick pieces of duct tape to their victim, and enjoy the overall fun of the spirit day.

Freshman usually enter school wearily on this day, and have worries of being taped to a chair, wall, etc.

“I was nervous that I’d end up being taped really badly,” said freshman Maya Greenberg, “but as of now, it’s been really fun seeing friends getting taped, and getting taped myself.”

As the day goes on, the freshmen tend to lighten up and have fun with being taped and tagged, although there are a few exceptions.

In the past, students had lost the ability to move due to immense amounts of tape, so administration instituted a new rule. There was to be no taping around the arms or legs, no taping students to other surfaces, and no taping during class.

“I think that these rules are a good thing, seeing that as freshman, my friends and I were taped together, and ended up being late to class,” says senior Truman Tyson.

Throughout the day, freshman are ambushed and tagged, but lack knowledge on how to make these encounters better. After these experiences, freshman have a few words of advice for the new set of underclassman scheduled to arrive next year.

“The best thing to do is to let it happen,” says freshman Sam Baierl, “if you struggle it’ll just be worse. And a word of advice to everyone with long hair, put it in a pony tail.”

As long as you play it safe, you can have a lot of fun during color wars. Whatever happens freshman, do not tag any of the upperclassmen, you’ll have your fun next year.

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