Which Witch is Which: Spirit Day 3

Article by Rick Sear

It’s day three of homecoming, and school spirit is at an all-time high. Each grade level had its own clothing scheme, and the long Wednesday Advisory period featured a dodgeball tournament (with teams representing all four grades).

Freshmen dressed as nerds, sophomores as jocks, juniors as preps, seniors as goths, and faculty as hipsters. Participation was very strong, particularly with the Senior Class.

“It’s interesting how many people dressed up [today] and animal day, even though it was kind of obscure,” said junior Jordan Tappa. “It’s cool to see school spirit.”

Many students were glad that Homecoming brought a break from the usual.

“It’s a good break from regular school days,” said junior Elizabeth Ziesemer.

Other students were a little less positive about the theme on this particular day.

“Whoever thought of what cliques we should do…well,” said Andrew Harter, a sophomore who didn’t like his class’s jock theme at all.

“I’m annoyed that nerds are now a subclass we dress up as,” said junior Adam Fendos.

“I personally think it’s really boring,” added junior Julia Stark.

Overall, however, almost everyone agreed that the dodgeball game was “pretty dope,” and are eagerly awaiting Color Wars tomorrow.