Twister Day: Spirit Day 2

Article by Melissa Wittig and Lyzi Torres

This Homecoming Week has shown Tosa West’s school spirit. Today’s theme was Twister Tuesday. The freshman and sophomores  were told to dress as the elderly, the juniors and seniors as babies, and the faculty as teenagers.

There were many comical costumes that were worn throughout the school. One, including Mr. Norstrem who was spotted in a wig, cap, Marvel t-shirt, and ripped denim jeans, was quite the sight.

“Even though my hair curlers gave me a headache, it was still really cool,” said sophomore Megan Veit.

Teacher Ms. Baker got into character as a teenager, mentioning how, “All I see is kids walking down the hallway with sagging jeans, so I did the same.”

Many upperclassmen were in full on diapers and using pacifiers. Quite a few mentioned how they felt like the baby dress-up day “really got them into character.”

“I don’t even feel old, I just feel like I’m wearing really ugly clothes,” joked sophomore Olivia Lefevre.

“Its funny how the teachers were dressed as teenagers, yet I would never wear what they are wearing” said sophomore Sophia Ruggeri.

As the day came to an end, many people were ready to move to the next day, Which Witch is Which?

“I’m so ready to go home and take these shoes off,” said Caroline Rachow.