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Vans Warped Tour 2012

Even though West students act like it is always summer, it actually is summer!!! This means three words: SUMMER CONCERT SEASON!

For some West students, this means Summerfest. Of course, there were a few acts that blew up the outdoor stages,, for example BUSH and the Foo Fighters. Others among us will be seeing indoor shows/tours in the Eagles Ballroom – Scream It Like You Mean It, with headliners We Came As Romans and Attack!Attack! For mega fans, this summer could also mean annoying someone for that ride out to Chicago to see the big tours: Rockstar’s Mayhem Festival (featuring Slipknot, Slayer, and Motörhead) or Lollapalooza (featuring The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Sabbath and The Black Keys). But the big tour – the party tour – comes right to Milwaukee: the Vans Warped Tour!

Yes, it is finally here!!! Well, almost. It will be hitting the Marcus Amphitheatre on the Summerfest grounds on August 1st.

With over 40 bands on the roster to play this year, there are probably some bands you have heard about. These include – All Time Low, Falling In Reverse, Yellowcard, Mod Sun, Blood On The Dance Floor, Motionless In White, We Are The In Crowd, We The Kings and Breathe Carolina.

So try this. Go to the Vans Warped Tour bands page. Click on each band and you can get info on them.

With over 40 bands, odds are there are more bands you DON’T know than you DO know.

Some bands you will be like “Dude, I gotta go to this thing! How could have I not realized they are coming to town.” While others you might think like ‘Fallin in what…? Blood on the dance floor…isn’t that like a Michael Jackson CD…? The used…? Cold forty three?”

There are a lot of bands and you may only know a few. But the beauty of having so many good groups is once you are there, you will discover other groups that fit your tastes. Trust me, it happens. Here are a few bands you might wanna look into:

All Time Low

Since their first CD back in 2006 (Put Up or Shut Up), they keep growing as artists, as well as growing into the hearts of their fans. With numerous sold out shows, magazines, covers, CDs (6 CD releases if you include the live tracks from their movie Straight To DVD, and when they were on MTV’s Unplugged in 2010) and chart topping songs that you probably didn’t even realize were by them. Knowing All Time Low and their accomplishments, it really is no surprise that they are the headliner. Last year, Dirty Work came out and it blew a number of fans away. Maybe you heard the song “I Feel Like Dancin’.” If not, listen to it and start dancing! So far there is no dead set date for their next album, just that it is due in the fall. They do have a single out: “The Reckless And The Brave.” If you can give up one tweet to spread the word about this band and that song, you might be able to get this epic song for free. Check their Facebook page for more info.

Blood On The Dance Floor

If you are someone prone to judging books (or music) by its cover, give this band an extra chance. As the Anarbor song goes, “music is what you hear and not what you see” (Always Dirty, Never Clean). Though I would strongly recommend Anarbor as well, they are not on the Warped Tour this year. Blood on the Dance floor does look like a stereotypical “scene,” “emo,” scream,” “weirdo” band, but once you get past your doubts, you will fall for them. With the positive and occasionally funny messages in their songs ,you’ll wanna keep listening. As someone who has fell in love with these boys at last year’s Warped and saw ‘em again in the fall, I can promise that they are worth the listen. But just a little heads up: the band’s lyrics are occasionally very explicit. Link is for “Unforgiven,” off their new album Evolution that dropped on June 19th.


This is the band behind that song that goes “There’s a place off Ocean Avenue/Where I used to sit and talk with you…” you know the rest. It’s called “Ocean Avenue” which was off their CD from 2003: Ocean Avenue. They even released a CD last year, called When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes. And coming next month on August 14th is their newest CD, Southern Air. What makes Yellowcard stand out from other bands is their bad*** violin solos, done by Sean Mackin, who is currently battling Thyroid cancer. In a statement he made to AP, he said, “I can’t help but find the good in everything. And other than the beginning of this journey, I have remained upbeat. Now I am just looking forward to kicking this things a**.”He also added that he is getting stronger everyday and loves to tour. When you listen to their songs, you just might get caught dancing and singing along.

We Are The In Crowd
This is a band that has some girl power going for it! Taylor Jardine and Jordan Eckes both take lead vocals. As like most bands, the rest of the group is some funny dudes. So far this band is still getting that name out. Along with being on this year’s warped tour and their catchy song lyrics, they are pop punk band that’s worth knowing. This one is one i would highly recommend. With Guaranteed to Disagree, released, and then Best Intentions. “Best Intentions” not only has a sweet tracklist, but has a special guest on the song “Kiss Me Again,” Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low!!!

That is four bands out of approximately forty that are playing the Warped Tour. Here are five more bands who also have released new music, a new video or just a fun song:

Falling In Reverse

They released this song. Song is off their current/only CD The Drug In Me Is You:

Pierce The Veil

Their new CD is out now! It just came out July 17th, Collide With The Sky is its name. This track from it features the angelic voice of Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens. One of the tracks:

Speaking Of Sleeping With Sirens

Released an acoustic EP in June, If You Were a Movie This Would Be Your Soundtrack.Here is a track off it:

Breathe Carolina

This group writes party songs just as well LMFAO. Here’s ‘Blackout’ from there Hell Is What You Make It which came out last summer:

Memphis May Fire

Lets slow this party train up. This song is too perfect for words and you’ve got to hear it. Anyways, this is off Challenger, their new CD that dropped in June:

If you have an iPhone or an iTouch you can download the Vans Warped Tour free app on iTunes.

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