What are You Doing Over Break?

Freshman Juhi Mody: “I am going over to my friend’s for a sleepover and they’re coming over for a sleepover at my home.”
Freshman Bryan Giguere: “I’m going to Florida”
Teacher James Ludeman: “I’m planning on sticking around the house and get yardwork done. This weekend I want to go to the bike expo at State Fair. My children are coming into town for Easter.”
Freshman Orin Eckes: “Probably staying home playing video games and watching my sister.”
Sophomore Hannah Wolfgram: “Absolutely nothing.”
Freshman Ryan Lisser: “I’m probably going to sleep and play video games.”
Freshman Joe Zander: “Stay up late, sleep in, watch TV, and play video games. Hang with friends, and that’s it.”
Senior Alex Anderson: “I’m going to Tennessee.”
Junior Zach Giguere: “I’m going to Florida.”
Freshman Regina Kautzer: “Hanging out with my friends, and sleeping in.”
Sophomore Marissa Williams: “Visiting family.”
Freshman J.P. Kolb: “I’m doing nothing.”
Senior Josh Stoeckmann: “I’m working.”
Junior Matt Gillis: “I’m staying at home.”
Senior Kasey Plonka: “I’m going to Vegas.”
Freshman Tony Kolafa: “I’m working.”
Senior Rakeel Fluker: “I’m going out of town.”
Sophomore Sam Waterbury: “I’m probably going to go to an Easter brunch with my family and spend time with my friends and stuff.”
Junior Hardip Gill: “I’m just staying at home resting. I’m probably working too.”
Freshman Taylor Lalk: “I’m hibernating the whole week.”
Sophomore Jonathan Weithaus: “Just hanging out with friends, I guess.”
Freshman Brad Koehler: “I’m going to Disneyland.”
Freshman Shelby Shields: “Sleeping.”
Teacher Amie Brooks: “Well, I’m sticking around here, but my mom is coming to town from Arizona.”
Freshman Aaliyah Troutman: “Well, I’m going out and partying all day and all night, and hanging out with friends and family.”