Tips for Surviving Warped Tour

Planning on going to Warped Tour next summer and you don’t know what to expect? Here are a few tips to know before you journey into the great unknown.

Tip #1: While waiting in line to get into the venue, bands will approach you asking you to check out their music. Don’t hesitate to give their music a chance! Their cd could possibly be the best music your ears have ever heard.

Tip #2: You may think you’re “too cool for sunscreen” because you want an awesome tan, but wear sunscreen with a high SPF and bring an extra bottle. Trust me when I say the sun can get dangerously hot (my burn got so bad, it was purple. Yikes!). Even though a merch guy might offer you some sunscreen, you can’t always rely on going back to the tent (or asking random strangers) for more.

Tip #3: Make sure you stay hydrated! Some venues will let you bring un-opened water bottles in, but don’t always count on them to be nice. Water is $3 at Warped, but they have Clean Canteen tents located all over the grounds where you can get free refills of water. I personally spent close to $30 solely on water because I didn’t know about this until later that day.

Tip #4: Make sure to check out the giant, red blow-up tent with the line-ups of bands when you first walk into the venue. It’s ginormous, so you won’t miss it. Some bands you want to see might be playing at the same time, unfortunately.

Tip #5: Dress in light clothes and light colors. Black may be your favorite color, but being outside in 90 degree weather wearing all black isn’t the smartest idea, especially when you’ll be squished between people in a crowd of 100-300 people, depending on the band.

Tip #6: You know those super cool Ray-Bans and aviator sunglasses? Yeah…don’t bring them! Bring cheap sunglasses and hats. You can easily lose two pairs throughout the day, and I’m sure you don’t want to lose the new $150 pair of Ray-Bans you just bought!

Tip #7: Under no circumstances should you wear sandals. While going into the crowd, if someone throws you up in the air to crowd surf, your favorite pair of flip flops will become your lost pair of favorite flip flops. But, by some freak chance if you don’t lose your flip flops, your feet will get stepped on many, many, MANY times. They will definitely hurt and you might have to visit the doctor the next day to make sure you didn’t break anything.

Tip #8: Money, Money, Money! Many necessities (food, water, flip flops, etc.) are over priced unfortunately, so make sure you bring enough for the whole day. Nobody wants you to faint from no food/dehydration, let alone walk around on a hot blacktop barefoot all day. Ouch!

Tip #9: Last but not least (and also VERY important), watch out for yourself and your friends! If they fall in the pit, help them up immediately! The people in front of them will most likely not see them take the plunge to the ground behind them and will most likely step on them if they don’t get picked up ASAP. In case someone does get hurt, gets sick, or passes out, there is a medical tent right next to the Teggart Main Stage.