Mary Kayser Scholarship Funds New Performance Arts Showcase


Annabelle Wooster

New performance arts showcase at Wauwatosa West.

Annabelle Wooster, Editor

On Thursday, June 9th, a dedication ceremony and reveal was held for a new performance arts showcase at Wauwatosa West. The showcase was made was made possible by the Mary Kayser Memorial Fund and all those who contributed. The fund also helped establish a new scholarship program this year at Tosa West for students involved in theatre and choir.

Mary Kayser graduated from Wauwatosa West in 2014. In March of 2021 she started to experience a severe headache and went to the hospital. It was then discovered that she had a growing brain infection unprecedented in speed. This infection unexpectedly took her life just days later.

Many former classmates, friends, and alumni from Wauwatosa West spoke at the dedication ceremony. A common theme among all who spoke was how vibrant, inclusive, and humble Mary was.

“Mary was just such a light. Any time anybody was around her they felt warm, welcome and comfortable,” said Susie Condon, a friend of Mary’s.

The new showcase is meant to highlight and acknowledge the work done in all of the performing arts organizations at West. Those that knew Mary say that it is the perfect thing to honor a person who went the extra mile to cheer others on and share the spotlight.

“Mary was very supportive of her friends on stage…how perfect is it that there is now a showcase in her name that continues to highlight and support the work of the students in the program. It’s a perfect circle,” said Janice Kayser, mother of Mary.


To learn more about the showcase and its construction process, watch the video by Annabelle Wooster, Henna Kingdom, Hana Aserade, and Asis O’Rourke.