Nate Flynn: Pop/Rock Band to Country Solo Artist

Formed in 2007, Sing It Loud was a band that put their all into performing, recording, and did everything they could to help get their music be heard. The band had stints on the Cobra Starship tour of ’07, Warped Tour and their own headlining tour in 2009, and had their music featured in numerous shows on MTV. But sadly, this past September, the band called it quits due to the fact that they needed to make choices that would make them happy.

One of the members who continues to make music is Nate Flynn. Nate chose to fulfill his music career by becoming a country/pop solo act and has already toured with Jamestown Story, past band member Kieren Smith, and had his own tour that traveled through the Midwest which was entitled the “Can I Sleep on Your Couch?” tour which had special guests on select dates. I had the chance to talk to Nate before he left on tour in early March and, might I add, he was very excited to start touring again. “I’ve never toured solo before so it’ll be an awesome new experience and by doing house shows I’m getting a chance to connect with fans in a way you don’t get to in a normal concert environment.”

Nate also explained how being in the studio is different when you’re a solo act rather than in a band. “it’s just you and the producer bouncing off ideas instead of you and four other guys.” Nate has been in the studio recording songs that will hopefully be on his upcoming album, if he raises enough money. One song is “Mama”. “The song Mama is about my parents getting a divorce and how my mother and I dealt with it.  It’s a very personal song that means a lot to me. I recorded [Mama] with a good friend of mine, Todd Kolojeski. It was definitely different recording guitars and vocals but I loved it.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

In the mean time, check out Nate Flynn’s music on iTunes or He’s also trying to raise money so he can make his biggest dream come true and make the full-length album he’s always wanted to do. If you’d like more information on this, click here. Nate is the sweetest and nicest person you will ever meet in your lifetime. Many people can relate to his songs and his covers of “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry and “Put You In A Song” by Keith Urban are pretty rad. Be sure to check him out!


Photo credit: Ben Peterson