Predictions for a New Semester

Well, it’s that time again, the time where a majority of the West’s students feel ready to go insane. Teachers are giggling while handing out exams they think will stump us and most students are studying there brains out to prove them wrong.

But this time is can also be looked at as ending a great semester. That may make some sad. You might not have classes with your friends anymore. You might lose your favorite class or teacher. Your perfect schedule might be ruined.

Others are happy about this. We’ve got a three day weekend; it’s party time! Seniors only a few months left in high school. Other people are excited about new teachers, new classes, and especially getting out of that one class that has that one person you can’t stand. In anything ending, there is a new beginning.

If you want to be that person who corrects me and tells me it’s not a new start because it isn’t fall yet, consider that most things are new. Grades start over, and you get new classes. However, some of the bad habits that lead to bad grades are hard to break. I know this from personal experience. What I did learn is that it doesn’t work to be disorganized; it sucks to repeat a class, and taking notes and doing homework helps keep that from having to happen.

The moral of this all is that semesters are ending, our brains are fried, and a new beginning starts Tuesday.
Good luck to ya.