Making Use of District Email

So, as most people know, everyone in the school district was gifted with a new Google email address beginning in September. As a tech god, I already have about three other email addresses that I need to check regularly, so I don’t need another. Even if you only have one other email address, you probably do not want another one. But this post is not about problems, it’s about solutions. You can set up the District Google emails to automatically forward to your regular email address, which conveniently will display all emails in one place. The best part about all of this, though, is that it will take less than five minutes to set up.

Login to your District Google email

You need to login to your district email first. You can do this by going to Google Mail and locating the login form on the right. Login as you would at school, but remember to add “” to the end of the login.

Tell Google where to forward the emails

Now that you’ve logged in, we’ll have this done in no time. Navigate to the gear menu in the upper-right-hand corner of the page and click “mail settings”.

Now you’ll see some pretty little tabs with all sorts of apocalyptic functions. Don’t touch them. What you really want to do (if you indeed want to finish in under five minutes) is navigate to the tab that says “forwarding and POP/IMAP,” the key word being forwarding, of course. Press “add a forwarding address” and put your personal email address in the field. Press “next”.

Prove to Google that this is your email address

Almost done! Of course, you can’t just forward your emails to any address you can think of. This would give Google some bad P.R., so the last thing you need to do is login to your personal email. The newest email will be from “Wauwatosa School District,” so open it. The email will resemble mine. I’ve blurred any of my sensitive information in the screenshot, but all you need to do now is click the long confirmation link and you’re done!