Senior Spirit – “Adam Sandler” Day

Senior Spirit - Adam Sandler Day

Tosa West Seniors dressed in their best ‘Adam Sandler’ outfits in celebration of the third day of homecoming spirit week. Students could be seen wearing large shirts, crooked hats, and oversized basketball shorts, a play on Adam Sandler’s iconic style.  

Although many seniors could be seen in their Adam Sandler outfits, some students had mixed reviews on the spirit day themes.

“I thought the theme was okay. Like, I would have rather dressed up as an old person though,” said senior Logan Espinosa.

Other students went all out, even finding movies and photo ops to take inspiration from. 

“My inspiration was that paparazzi photo where he had really baggy shorts and sunglasses and just being casual and paparazzi caught him and now that’s kind of been a signature photo going around of him. I just wanted to be Adam Sandler himself,”  said Senior Brady Metzner 

Tosa west seniors struggled with this theme, finding it too broad compared to the other more specific days. 

“This was the one day I didn’t really know what to wear,” said Senior Abby Burghardt. “I kind of just talked to other people. They said they were gonna wear baggy basketball shorts and stuff, so that’s what I did.” 

Despite some students struggling with the theme, others embraced this unique homecoming dress up day and made the most out of it.

“For me, it was a lot of me up last night just looking at pictures of him. And then super last minute I borrowed my dad’s clothes. It was very last minute but it turned out perfect,” said Senior Sydney Badciong.