The Challenges of Finding a Perfect Homecoming Dress


Jenna White and Olivia Watters

Finding a homecoming dress can be hard, this year especially. It is the first homecoming since 2019, and the girls of Tosa are struggling to find the perfect dress.

Finding the perfect dress is a difficult task to do and the freshmen at Tosa West and Tosa East are trying to figure it out. Girls go to the mall, or shop at the most glamorous stores online. Homecoming is a special occasion, so every girl wants a perfect dress.

“I tried on 20 dresses in stores and didn’t like any of them,” said Tosa West Freshman Niamh Wick.

Sometimes, even when there are a significant amount of dresses, it can be hard to find one that fits well, and one that you love. Girls keep talking about how it has been a challenge to find one that they liked. Furthermore, freshmen struggled because it was their first homecoming.

“I went shopping late and most were already sold out, also it’s hard to find something you really like,” said Tosa East Freshman Cora Glosson.

Many stores have shut down due to covid, which greatly impacted the homecoming dress hunting this year. There were less stores which meant less choices, and a very stressful experience. 

Tosa West Freshman Abby Peterson said,  “When I first found my dress I knew it was the one. My face lit up when I looked in the mirror.”