A Plan for the People

Political views have been a driving force of American politics since the creation of this nation. Arguments arise over who is a Democrat, who is a Republican; who is liberal, and who is conservative; who is left-wing and who is right-wing. Many times, news stations and congressional articles complain of politicians who vote on the party line, but it is not just politicians who are guilty of this, but US citizens as well. Elections revolve around issues like health care and reform and it is always the Republican Plan and the Democratic Plan, but what about the People’s Plan? What about a plan that best serves the people of this country?

Political parties have historically been opponents when it comes to public policy, but where is the harm in working together? Where is the harm in finding solutions that satisfy everyone instead of who holds the majority in Congress? This nation is one that is made up of many different people. It is very easy to break into factions and not get along, but devotion is needed to find more solutions that encompass everyone. The people founded this nation; why don’t we make it one that everyone wants to live in?