Excitement Surrounds Homecoming 2015

Article by Tracie Johnson

Homecoming spirit week brings energy, excitement and creativity to students in all grade levels.

Seniors tend to go all out this year because it is their last year.

“I am really looking forward to color wars this year because i’m finally a senior. It’s a day full of high energy and excitement and by the end of the day you’re feeling good,” said senior Rachel Haynes.

Students in other grade levels are also getting ready for spirit week to begin. “I’m excited for color wars so I can duct tape my sister, and the pep rally assembly,”  said junior Ellen Smith.

“I’m excited too see if everyone dresses up, and how creative everyone gets,” said junior Brittany Spencer.

Creativity can also come in many different ways.  “The day I am most excited for is goth day because I own a lot of clothing items that are black, and I don’t have to go out and buy anything,” said senior Emily Katula.

Photo Credit: Melissa Biefeld