Animal Day: Spirit Day 1

Article by Teresa Toohill


On Monday, September 28th, Wauwatosa West turned into a jungle. Lions, tigers, bears, cats, bunnies, and even gorillas, lined the hallway with a miraculous array.

As part of Spirit Days for Homecoming week, the theme for Monday was Animal Day. Students from every grade dressed up with their best costumes. Some teachers even got in on the fun too.

“I wanted to do something different, so I went ahead and dressed up as a fox,” said senior Jordan Thompson, a senior.

“[I’m] the Energizer Bunny,” told Noah Wolgram. “ I wanted to have some fun. Make a fool out of myself.”

Emily Jenkins, a junior, said, “I dressed up as a tiger.  Because the main part when we were told what spirit day was today, is they said, ‘lions, tigers and bears, oh my’.”

“I’m a chameleon. Yes, even though people look at me like a complete weirdo, because no one can tell what I am, it’s very entertaining,” disclosed Rayna Hopp, a freshman.

As for student’s favorite costumes, there were some honorary mentions.

“Yes. I did see one of those horse heads. Those are entertaining,” said Hopp.

“Today, it would have to be a gorilla in my homeroom class,” said Emily Jenkins.

“Probably the gorilla,” agreed Noah Wolfgram

“Probably either the buffalo, or the energizer bunny,” said Jordan Thompson.

As the day wrapped up, and it was time to start thinking about tomorrow’s spirit day, people were getting creative with planning their costumes for Switch Up Day.

“I already have an outfit for tomorrow,” said Rayna Hopp.