“Shooting Star” Review

As the one-man music project Owl City prepares to introduce its fourth album this August, the new four-song EP entitled “Shooting Star” has been released in anticipation. In diverging from his typical synth-pop artistry, mastermind Adam Young has thrown his audience a curveball: the new EP is laced with hints of alternative-rock sounds that appeal to a wider variety of listeners and create a different listening atmosphere.

The EP is kicked off by the catchy title track, “Shooting Star”, followed by the song “Gold”. Both songs contain a mix of Young’s cheery synthesizer melodies and dreamy lyrics, a quality found in most Owl City songs. However, the next two tracks, entitled “Dementia” and “Take It All Away”, introduce a more grown-up rock sound to the Owl City project.

After getting the opportunity to speak to Owl City fans from around the world, Allison, a 20 year old fan from Florida, tells me how excited she is about the new style of music. “The sound hasn’t really changed as much as it has matured,” she says. “The lyrics have deeper meaning and more heart.”

Young shares his thoughts on his fans’ reactions, saying that “It’s a thrill to hear people say the new songs sound so fresh and new and expressive because I believe it’s a bummer for an artist of any kind to hear, ‘Yeah, it’s great, but it’s a lot like your previous work.’”

“Shooting Star EP” is only an introduction for the new sounds that will be included on Young’s upcoming summer album, entitled “Owl City: The Midsummer Station”.
As far as the new album goes, many fans hope for a mix of old and new music styles from Adam. “I’d like to hear more songs like the ones on the EP” says Rebecca, an eighteen year old fan from Australia, “as well as some dreamy ones like Owl City was in previous years.”

Nele, a sixteen year old fan from the Netherlands, comments on the new music as well, saying, “I think it’s good that Adam tries to grow in his music, and I truly think that makes him a wonderful musician.”

No matter what kind of music he decides to make in the future, Adam will not leave his fans disappointed. After hearing him repeatedly demonstrate his talent for creating different styles of music through over 40 side projects, I feel confident that no matter what Mr. Young has coming our way on the new album , it will sound as amazing as ever.

Owl City’s “Shooting Star EP” is now available on iTunes for $4.26.