Spirit Week Monday: Ugly Sweater/Jersey Day

“More people dressed up than I thought,” said Jessie Suson, a sophomore referring to the first spirit day of homecoming week.  On October 11th, students had the choice of wearing a sports jersey or the ugliest sweater they could find.  Seniors chose to wear their craziest Jersey Shore attire.

Many people were surprised by the extent that people dressed up.  Jennifer Flynn, a sophomore in a large stripy blue sweater, said, “I thought my sweater was ugly, but it was nothing compared to what I saw.”  Chelsea Gleason, an example of one of the craziest sweaters seen today, said, “Because it was like a dress and no one else would have an ugly sweater dress.  Plus the panda makes me happy,” when she was asked the story behind her sweater.

People got their ugly sweaters and jerseys from all over.  Some people searched through Goodwill while others borrowed their little cousin’s jersey.  Will Harrington said, “I stole this from my dad’s closet,” and Leah Mott said, “I asked my mom to barrow an ugly sweater, but she got really offended.”   Carra Gaines, a junior who bought her sweater at Goodwill said, “I wasn’t there when they picked it for me.  It kind of reminds me of a cow being killed and its hide being put on a sweater.”  Juvencio Esparza, had an interesting story about his jersey, and said, “I was in Spain they won the world champion and I decided to get it in Toledo.”

From ugly sweaters to foreign jerseys to Jersey Shore today was an interesting day to be at West.  People were dressing in things they would never wear and were looking forward to the rest of the spirit filled week.

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