Glee at West?

What is this phenomenon that’s recently hit the public with so much force? A bird? A plane? No, it’s Glee, the Golden Globe® Award-winning TV show about a group of kids in show choir that, against the odds, begin to rise to the top of the high school hierarchy. They reach out to several generations with their voices in this comedy/musical/drama through music from Journey, Rihanna, Wicked, Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra, Duffy, Bonnie Tyler and many others. Glee clubbers sing and dance as a form of show choir in competitions across the country. Lea Michele plays Rachel Barry, the self-proclaimed head and female lead of William McKinley High’s group of misfits. She and co-star Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) take the glee club, renamed “New Directions” by the young and rugged Spanish teacher Mr. Schuster (played by Matthew Morrison), to a whole new level by combining talents from polar opposite groups of their own. There is now a new male lead coming in to take over McKinley’s glee club, however, by the name of Jesse St. James, and Noah Puckerman and Mercedes Jones are stepping up to snag solos of their own. Meanwhile, Will Schuster and Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays), the guidance counselor, are in a bit of a rough patch due to Will’s recent ventures from his journey to find himself. New surprises pop up every week in this spunky original. Quinn is pregnant and everyone knows, Finn is still in love with Rachel even though she’s dating Jesse, Rachel is in search of her biological mother, and throughout the various love polygons Sue Sylvester, head coach of the Cheerios, is attempting to take down the Glee club Trojan-style: from the inside-out. Leaving Gleeks (Glee fans) in suspense up to their eyebrows, each show closes with just another loose end to tie up in the next episode. In all the excitement generated from the show, many Gleeks have probably had these exact questions run through their mind: What would a glee club at our school be like? Who would join? Where would it compete? Would the new hit TV series provide said glee club with respect?

One inquiry of more controversial background has people talking. So here it is: Should West have a glee club? If one is of the ‘yay’s, that would be something to talk to the administration about. If one is of the ‘nay’s, one might want to watch out for the ‘yay’s. Generally, those that know about the show are either a major Gleek, or don’t like Glee very much at all. Either way, Glee and its infectious cast are sweeping the nation, picking up the Award for Best Television Series—Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes® on the way. It continues to inspire and motivate fans with its basic ideals and classic tunes that are woven into the plotline ideally.