First Snowfall of the Year

Within the last 24 hours, five inches of snow has fallen over Wauwatosa and the rest of southeastern Wisconsin. The snow has been long overdue, and several records were also broken, some dating back to the 1980’s. The snow has had a mixed response from the student body, ranging from elation to mild resignation.

Many felt the first snowfall should’ve occurred a month ago around the holiday season and the snow already on the ground. “There was no snow,” complained sophomore Megan Jay, “and it made me sad. It just didn’t feel like Christmas.” There was much discussion after winter break about how the holidays suffered from the lack of snow. But some students saw the upside of not having snow during that time. Sophomore Katie Rickert reasoned that, “I was comforted by the fact that my family was able to travel safely. People need to get home.”

One of the most enthusiastic responses to the first snowfall was sophomore Carly Gomez who commented that she “loves the snow on the first few days!”

Others were not so pleased. All Jenna Houillion would say is, “I don’t like the snow.” It seems that while some like the snow, others don’t feel so happy about it, even this late in the year.