Spirit Week ’11 Tuesday: Twin Day

Today, October 11th, was mass twin day. The West denizens looked even more generic than usual, as everyone dressed alike. Classes, clubs, and groups of friends showed up in predetermined outfits, making the school into a real-life version of Brave New World.

Erin Ritenour, a junior, said, “I like it better than most spirit days because it doesn’t have to be elaborate.” Some people simply wore generic block t-shirts, while others matched each other down to their jewelry. A group of teachers found old track jerseys around the school for the occasion. Some students even went for the conjoined twin approach. Sam Kromm tied a dummy head onto his shoulder to be his twin. He said, “I was super tired . . . so I just went with the first random idea that went through my head.” However creative or simple twins they were most people agreed today was a fun day.

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