Spirit Week Monday ’11: Dress Up/Down

Today at Wauwatosa West, students banded together to celebrate homecoming week. The first day of spirit week found students “dressing up” or “dressing down”. Juniors and Seniors dressed down while Freshman and Sophomores dressed in their fancy attire.

There were mixed reactions as to whether this was the best choice of day. Senior Porsha Fayne commented “Well I think it’s kind of cool, people get to express themselves. I like dressing down, it adds something fun to my day.” Other grade levels agreed that this was a great choice for the spirit days. “I think it’s cool . . . it’s funny that half the school is formal and the rest [dressed] down but I think it’s probably the best out of all the days except for green and white day” said Claire Lageski, a sophomore.
The overall day was greatly received by the student body.

However, some students commented on what they would like to see next year: “I’m happy that we got to dress down this year but maybe next year they could reverse it. It would be interesting to see what the upper class men would wear” commented senior Raul Pliego. Porsha Fayne commented: “I know I won’t be here to enjoy it, but maybe the groups [clique wars] again, those were really cool”.

The student body is looking forward to the remainder of the spirit days as well. Claire Lageski commented: “I am really psyched about tomorrow and the rest of the days as well.”

By Zakiya Robinson

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