Walking Out Not as Easy as it Seems for Students


Phatanoune Douangvilay

Over 200 Wauwatosa West students participated in a student led “walk out” from 11:00 to 12:30 on Friday, December 13th.

Victoria Lopez and Izzy Jacobson

It may seem easy to “walk out” of school to protest school safety issues, all you have to do is take a few steps and you’re outside. But for some students deciding to participate in the recent student organized “walk out” to protest a rash of school safety issues in Wisconsin on December 13th it was a much harder and difficult choice. 

Whether it be parental disapproval, not supporting the cause, or fear of an act of violence occurring during the actual walk out, students had many things to consider when deciding whether or not they would participate in a student walkout following acts and threats of school violence around Wisconsin.

“I feel scared daily at school. I am tired of feeling so scared everyday and I feel helpless,” Senior Taylor Ulricsen said.

Even though Ulricsen supports the cause she was hesitant to participate due to parental disapproval of the event. 

“Unfortunately my mom doesn’t agree with my standpoint on school safety and thinks there’s nothing we can do,” said Ulricsen.

250 students participated in the walkout at West, approximately 20% of the total student population at West. 

For some students the walkout was the perfect way for them to show support with gun control but for others it was the perfect place for something unfortunate to happen. 

“I’m always paranoid about my safety wherever I am because of the shootings that have been happening not just at schools, but just everywhere in general,” Senior Nygur Abraham said.

Abraham supports the idea behind the walkout and speaking out but was hesitant to participate in it due to safety concerns. 

“Even though it’s a good cause it was just posted everywhere on social media and I’ve seen a lot of bad comments from like, older adults, and it kind of scared me honestly. So that’s why I didn’t participate,” Abraham said. 

Another reason that some students didn’t participate was due to the stress of missing class close to the end of the semester. 

“Although I do support the cause, this is a really busy time of the year and I felt that missing half of a school day was not smart,” Senior Molly Belknapp said.

However, many students still participated. 

“I’m participating in the walkout now that things have been hitting a lot closer to home and there’s been a massive amount of school shootings in Wisconsin,” Senior Maggie Barthel said.

Wisconsin has had two incidents within the month of December at Waukesha South and Oshkosh West. Rumors of threats were investigated preceding the walkout at Wauwatosa East but found not credible. 

“I didn’t go to the walkout. I didn’t think it was safe because of the opportunity it gave to those with sick minds,”  Senior Abe Scruggs said. 

Despite the associated concerns and hesitations the walkout endured without problems.

Barthel said, “I think it’s time for everybody in Wisconsin to start standing up and I think this is a good representation of that.” 

Jaylen Swanigan, Micheal Daugherty, Ahmir Butlet