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Homecoming DJ Reflection

Like always, homecoming came and went at Wauwatosa West with a fun-filled week of spirit, games, football, and, of course, the homecoming dance.

In keeping with the “under the sea” theme for the homecoming 2013 dance, the dance area was decorated with blue lights, and bubbles floated down over the dance floor.

However, there were many complaints about the DJ and his music.

“I kinda had fun, But the music was very weak,” said sophomore Ben Weigmin. “It was all techno and white people music. I wouldn’t want the DJ back.”

Some students seemed upset with both the music and the way it was played, which involved skipping and ending songs in the middle of the track.

There were also many complaints that only two slow songs played during the entire three hour dance.

The non-stop, rave type music was only slowed down once at the beginning of the dance, and again when nearly everyone had already gone home.

Mckinzie Halkola, a senior, also didn’t like the DJ.

“I wouldn’t want the Dj back,” said Halkola. “The music was ok but it was kinda hard to dance to.There were a lot of remixes in between slow and fast songs. The DJ kept yelling out random things like ‘Lets hear it for the seniors’ and ‘Lets hear it for my Latinos.’ He should have just been quiet.”

Other parts of the homecoming dance were better, said Halkola.

“There was some good that came from homecoming,” said Halkola. “The photobooth was a great idea, but they should have had more than one.”

Others felt the DJ’s selections didn’t fit the venue.

“I think the Dj would have been better for a younger group,” said senior Grace Gabriel, “like middle school.”

“Playing Im a Barbie Girl isn’t really homecoming like. More middle school dance.”

Over all, people had fun at the dance, though some didn’t like the DJ or the music.

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