Muggles No More

Photographs by Rachel Campise, John Brent, Juli Johnson, and Jessica Llanas

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“Gryffindor! Slytherin! Ravenclaw! Hufflepuff!” Everyone screamed as each grade prepared for quidditch. The referees were running around telling people rules, trying to make sure each team had the positions covered. The seniors, as Gryffindor, were doing a lot of yelling, the juniors, as Slytherin, were running around practicing, the sophomores, as Ravenclaw, were doing a bit of yelling, and the freshmen, as Hufflepuff, were looking extremely confused. Then they moved into the gym to start their first matches.

The first set of matches pitted Hufflepuff against Slytherin and Ravenclaw against Gryffindor. There was a quick repeat of rules: each team has seven chasers, who run around scoring points, two beaters, who throw balls at people to get them out, a keeper, to attempt to guard the goal, and a seeker, who has to catch the snitch. The snitch wouldn’t be let out until ten minutes into the match. Then they set up and they were off. Gryffindor scored first. Then there was a lot of scuffles with the ball in the Hufflepuff vs Slytherin match. Slytherin scores. Gryffindor scores, wait just kidding. Gryffindor is on the ground in a scuffle with Ravenclaw. Gryffindor comes out of the pile with the ball. Slytherin shoots and misses. Hufflepuff has the ball. They start towards Slytherin’s goal and are blocked. Slytherin goes back to Hufflepuff’s goal and misses. Then out come the Snitches. The Snitches were people dressed in gold running around with flag football belts. The Snitch for the Ravenclaw vs Gryffindor match was easily caught, naming Gryffindor for the winners. The Snitch for the Slytherin vs Hufflepuff match was chased around feverishly until Slytherin finally caught it, moving them on to the finals.

As the student body came in for the deciding match between the juniors and seniors, the seniors crowded around in a circle chanting, “WE WILL WIN!” There was chest bumping and lots of chanting. Then the match started. Gryffindor got the ball, and right away, they score! Slytherin gets the ball, Gryffindor steals and scores! Slytherin gets the ball, breakaway. Blocked by Gryffindor. Gryffindor scores! The snitch is released. A great chase ensues and Slytherin almost catches it. But in the end, Gryffindor succeeded and won the match! The final score was Gryffindor 160 – Slytherin 0.

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