Homecoming 2013 Tuesday – Cartoon Characters & Celebrities

Celebrity and Cartoon Day was a hit with all the grades.
On Tuesday morning, everyone was dressed in their best costumes, such as a pair of students as Thing 1 & Thing 2, as well as a student as Kim Kardashian and his baby, Northwest.
Most of West’s students were in costume and ready for the thrill the day brought.
For example, freshman Emily Steybe was dressed as Taylor Swift.
“I think school spirit days are fun,” said Steybe. “It’s sad that some people didn’t dress up.”
Some students thought the day could have gone better.
“I thought dressing as cartoon characters and celebrities was a good idea, but too many people were the same person,” said senior John Brent. “We needed more diversity; maybe it will be better next year.”
If nothing else, the spirit day was fun for many students.
“I had fun and I hope everyone else did too,” said sophomore Hailey Palen.

Photographs by: Rachel Campise, Isabella Knutsen, & Gabby Verette

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