West Students Cover Obama Milwaukee Visit

On Tuesday, February 12, President Obama announced that he would visit Milwaukee on a tour of Master Lock. He will discuss his plans for rebuilding the economy based on American labor.

“We are honored to have the president visit Master Lock” and are “proud to participate in the trend of ‘insourcing’ jobs back to the U.S.,” said John Heppner, president and CEO of Master Lock Co..

Governor Scott Walker is expected to join President Obama at the airport, and will accompany him on the tour. The visit did not come as a complete shock; Obama mentioned Master Lock as an business example for success in his State of the Union address January 25th. Master Lock has insourced 100 union jobs from other countries, mainly because of economic and logistical challenges from Asia.

Kylie Hogrefe and Luke Salamone were two students selected to cover the event for West Side Stories. The media at the Obama event took special attention to these high school students, because covering the President is a special privilege, especially for a high schooler. They were featured on Channel 12 nightly news, and Kylie Hogrefe was featured on 106.1 FM’s morning radio show the next day.

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