Lacrosse at West

“If you like to hit, we hit; if you like to run, we run; if you like to catch; we catch,” Coach Robin Pegg explained, highlighting a Tosa West club that truly is for everyone.

West’s lacrosse team is a new and exciting way for students of all types to enjoy sports. As Pegg explained, lacrosse in high school is “just like you see in college games.” He points out that the variety of positions allows for anyone with any body type to join and succeed in lacrosse. “There’s no body type for lacrosse,” he says, “there’s a spot for swimmers, football players, basketball players, [and] hockey players.”

Lacrosse players practice both at Hart Park and at the fields around West. If you think you’re too busy with one sport, and you can’t do another, you’re wrong, according to Pegg. He stresses that “you can do other sports.” Also, he says that the existing team members “will try our best to accommodate your needs.” Pegg makes sure to point out the different positions have different commitments to the team and “it gets really, intensely competitive out there.”

Despite this, everyone has a place in the awesome game of lacrosse, and Pegg is confident about achieving victory for Tosa West’s very own lacrosse team.