Gallery 114: Open at Last

By Sabrina Black

Thursday, October 6th, was the Grand Opening of Gallery 114. The gallery was certainly dressed for the occasion, with its numerous festive balloons. A large red ribbon separated the main area of the gallery from the library.

Shortly after 5:30, the present members of the National Art Honor Society gathered behind the red ribbon, each with a pair of scissors. Ms. Belich, the art teacher who applied for the Education Foundation of Wauwatosa (EFW) grant, counted down from ten, and everyone snipped the ribbon, declaring the gallery officially open.

Following that, the attendees meandered through the gallery, studying the artwork. Each piece is accompanied by an artist statement containing details about its inspiration and media. Besides drawings and paintings, other forms of art, including photography, sculpture, and textile design were also displayed.

Kathy Ehley, leader of the EFW, was present at the opening. “From the Education Foundation’s perspective, we’re really excited about this, being such a great effort, and the fact that we were able to collaborate.” Ehley stated. “With the grant and the school district, together we were able to come up with something much greater than each group could have done by themselves.”

Principal Calarco, who also attended the opening, testified that “this is an amazing undertaking for high school students, and it’s a credit to the teachers.”

“I’m really excited about just the enthusiasm.” Ms. Belich acknowledged. “I’ve heard so many kind words. I really feel encouraged that this is everything I hoped it was going to be…It’s like all the hard work is paying off.” She added that what makes Gallery 114 special is “it’s run by students. Now that I’ve helped to secure the funding and do those kinds of things, I really want to hand it over to them. I want them to make decisions about it. I want them to do the hard work that goes into it. I want them to make it theirs. And I want West students to know that it’s for everybody, not just the art kids.”

Caylin Rosene, a member of the National Art Honor Society, explained, “Basically, we all had a part in this. I think we’re all proud of it.”

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