Spirit Week Wednesday: Retro Day

The third spirit day of the week was Era Day. The freshman dressed in the ‘90’s grunge, the sophomores had the ‘50’s, the juniors had the ‘60’s, the seniors had the ‘80’s and the staff had the ‘70’s.

Dressing up like teenagers from the past can be very fun, but some people weren’t happy with the spirit day, and some people even found it boring. “To be honest, way overused, they do it every year. We need something new next year,” junior Claire Wojnowiak said. Sarah Durgan said, “freshman have a stupid era. There’s no fun in dressing up in your parent’s flannel.”

There was, however, a fun side to this spirit day. Andrew Jacobson said he liked dressing up in old flannels “’cause we get to be lazy.” The seniors put an unusual twist on their decade, the 1980’s. They dressed up like they were in their 80’s instead of from the ’80’s. “Dressing up like an old person was fun.” Parker Banghart, a senior, said.

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