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Devious Lick Trend Hits Tosa Schools

Malik Boyd
Parts of phones were taken as part of the “Devious Lick” Tik Tok Challenge.

Students are destroying bathrooms, stealing property and committing other acts of vandalism in the name of a Tik Tok trend called the “devious lick”.

“It’s frustrating,” said Mr. Stein, an associate principal at Tosa East. “I see why they would do it as a joke, but stealing something simple could have a tremendous impact. In the beginning we would hear something went missing and think that it was just misplaced, until the missing things started adding up. We had to check the cameras, then we had to order things. I didn’t think I would have to be finding teachers what they need to teach,” he said.

The Tik Tok trend started on September 1st when a video was posted where a student flaunts a school soap dispenser with the text “Only a month into school and got this absolute devious lick”. A “lick” in most cases refers to the act of theft or something you have stolen. Across the country students have been filming themselves stealing or damaging school property and posting it to the app. 

Most families’ attention turned to this trend after a district wide email from superintendent Demond Means, explaining the trend and warning students that “vandalism, theft, destruction of property, and other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in our schools.”

At Tosa East, soap dispensers, smart board items, phone handsets, locks on doors, and other school property have been stolen.

It’s taking away time, money and resources, Resource Officer Yothsackda explained. “It’s more work for me instead of me being an advocate, maintaining and developing relationships with students. Our school is fortunate to have money to replace these things.”

The trend has had an impact not only on administrators, teachers, and resource officers, but also on the student body. Some teachers have even been left unable to teach certain lessons due to stolen or damaged items.

“Building administrators need to take their valuable time away from supporting our teaching staff to address these behavioral issues.” said Sarah Frittitta, Communications Director for the Wauwatosa School District.

It’s a major safety concern too. Mr. Fischer, a Tosa East social studies teacher, had his phone handset unplugged and stolen.

“If someone would have called during an emergency, then I would have to answer the phone on speaker and it could be a privacy issue in front of the class,” said Fischer. It’s not just items vital in an emergency that have been taken but also the seemingly small things keeping us safe. With the Covid-19 pandemic, soap and hand sanitizer have been crucial in stopping the spread.

There will be repercussions and those involved will face consequences. According to Mr. Stein and Resource Officer Yothsackda, Detentions, loss of privileges, meetings with parents, suspensions and citations are all on the table depending on the severity of the incident. 

“We can see Tik Toks, we can see Snapchats. Even if you think they disappear, even if you delete them we can see them. It’s a trend right now but trends go away. I want students involved in these licks to know that there are still consequences and possible citations. I’d hate to see people get in trouble,” said Resource Officer Yothsackda.

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Malik Boyd
Malik Boyd, Editor
Malik is a Junior at Tosa East, this is his third year writing for the Tosa Compass and his first as an editor. He currently manages social media for the Compass at East as his primary responsibility.
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