Wauwatosa East VS. West Football Game Cancelled, 9/17/21


Eve Lazarski, Editor

The Wauwatosa East vs. West football game was cancelled this afternoon, 9/17/21, after an email from East Principal Nick Hughes, saying that due to COVID-19 quarantines as well as injuries, Wauwatosa East couldn’t field a competitive roster. 

Students and football players looked forward to the game for weeks. “The atmosphere. There’s nothing like Friday nights, playing the game you love under the lights with the roar of the fans. Playing your crosstown rival only makes it even more special.” Said East Junior Chandler Tribble.  “Covid has taken away so much from us. You only get one chance to play high school football. Not getting to play your rival for two years of that precious time is truly devastating.” He said. Due to COVID, football games have been limited.  “For seniors, this was their last chance to battle for the sword, and covid denied them the opportunity of one last memory.”

 Some students haven’t ever gotten the chance to play against their cross-town rival. For Semaj Johnson, a Junior at West, this game would have been his first against East. “Last year it was cancelled and the year before they didn’t have a freshman team. It’s fun playing new teams, and we’re going to show that we are the best in Tosa.” Semaj said before the game was cancelled. 

The cancellation didn’t just affect football players. Football games traditionally involve many groups from the school, including the marching band, cheerleaders, parent groups, and attendees. 

Alyssa McDougal, , a Junior at West, says that the East vs West game is important to anyone in the band or school.  “The game was cancelled at call time, so it was kind of annoying to get to the school, and then see the message that it was cancelled.” The band packed up, some unfazed members heading to Bowlero, a bowling alley behind West.

Audrey Catlin, Lucy Hildebrand, and Vivi Anderson all contributed to this article.