AP Government Holds Mock Election

Jackson Crowley

The Wauwatosa East AP Government class held a mock election on Tuesday, December 7th. Students took on roles as candidates, campaign managers, pollsters, members of the media and members of super political action committees to simulate a real presidential election. Juniors in APP and APPSE acted as voters, with each class being assigned a number of electoral votes based on size. 

“The purpose of this election is to simulate the campaign process and election in a fun way that teaches AP Gov students how elections work,” said Ms. Ross, who teaches AP Government.

Student candidates for president included Democratic candidate Joe Sirola, Republican candidate Mason King, and Independent candidate Izzy Margerie. Their vice presidential candidates were Lauren Wunderlich, Azalea Henrickson, and Norah Tait, respectively.

“Some of our basic policy views are increasing taxes on corporations, pro-choice, affordable healthcare, and free community college. Our campaign strategies are to make issues that our voters care about at the forefront of our campaign,” said vice-presidential candidate Lauren Wunderlich.

Other candidates, such as Republican candidate Mason King, had a different approach.

“I am looking to use posters and media to share my platform. Just getting the word out in any way has been important to let the juniors know that this event is occurring is super important to me. I also just think good word of mouth is necessary. Talking to voters and making them aware has been super beneficial,” King said.

Results of the election are expected Thursday.