Fashion of Wauwatosa West Students


Wauwatosa West senior Elijah Ferguson wakes up everyday with many ideas of what to wear that day. He paints his canvas with his clothes. Fashion is his life that he loves to explore everyday. 

“Being in high school you get a chance to constantly be around a group of people your age who all have different ideas on what fashion means. The challenge is how to incorporate all of those ideas into one,” Ferguson said.

From well known designers to social media and more, Ferguson finds inspiration to create his look each day. 

“The influence for my styles come from the street, urban and sophisticated. From button ups and burets, to joggers and sneakers,” Ferguson said.

With the change of decades, people modify their outfits to not only express themselves but also to fit in. High school for some can be a time to express yourself through clothes and break through barriers.

“I like when boundaries are pushed with gender.” Ferguson went on to say, “ Silhouettes are really interesting as well.”

For Ferguson, high school has only expanded his love and passion for fashion. High school can be a place for students to inspire each other and become inspired from others.

“You grow and mature throughout high school. That’s how I dress and challenge my sense of style,” Ferguson said. 

The art of fashion expresses much more for people than just their personality. For some, everyday they wake up with a blank canvas, and everyone paints their canvas differently.

“Fashion is everything I do. It’s an outlet of art that is so underrated because it’s a language you wear everyday,” Ferguson said. 

Ferguson isn’t the only one that has a love for fashion. Senior Rachel Maria also uses fashion to show her personality through what she wears while keeping up with the growing trends.  

“Due to my love for the planet, I solely shop at thrift stores which has left me to wear lots of clothes that have stayed trendy through the decades,” said Maria.

Over the years in high school Maria changed her look many times.

“My style has changed to more masculine because I started wearing looser fit clothing and way less skirts,” said Maria.

Each person has their own idea of a simple or more thought out outfit for each day of going to school or on weekends.

“My style is basics, matched by wearing dark tops with lighter colored pants or brighter tops with darker pants. I also wear the same pair of white converse almost everyday,” said Maria. 

Everyone’s idea of fashion is different whether it’s street style or grungy and everyone makes their style choices in the morning with a blank canvas.