Vaping Prevention Presentation for Wauwatosa West Parents


Your Choice is an organization whose mission is to prevent youth alcohol and drug consumption by informing parents and school communities about the risks of substance use. Your Choice is available for guidance and resources for families struggling with a member with addiction.

James Gentil

Wauwatosa West High School will be hosting a “Wake Up Call” for juuling event from 6:30 to 8:30pm in the Wauwatosa West auditorium Tuesday, January 14th, 2020. To attend the presentation, you must be of the age 21 years or older. 

The “Wake Up Call” presentation is meant to inform parents about the dangers of juuling. 

Sandi Lybert is the head of Your Choice, an organization that provides awareness to issues of drug and alcohol use and provides prevention education to youth, parents, and school communities. Lybert is one of the people orchestrating the “Wake Up Call”.  She has a few ideas to get across to those attending the presentation. 

Lybert says, “The goal of this presentation is to educate parents, community members over 21 years of age on current alcohol, vaping and drug trends and items that are used to conceal substance use”.

Administrative assistant Christine Toye who is also a member of Wauwatosa West Booster Club, said that she supports the mission of  Your Choice  and the presentation to be shown at West. 

“I do support this cause, having gone to a presentation about 10 years earlier, similar to this, was very eye opening,” said Toye.

Lybert’s goal is to make families aware of the risks of vaping and the recent 54 deaths of vapers in the U.S.. 

Commenting about the threats vaping poses on the youth, Toye states, “Since vaping is new and we don’t yet know the consequences it is important for families to know”.

Both Toye and Lybert have similar ideas surrounding the topic of drug and alcohol use, especially regarding the vaping epidemic. The mission of the presentation is to keep parents in the loop and aware of risks and unknowns of vaping and consequences of underage drug and alcohol use.