Students, Staff Anticipate Winter Break


Sara Stanislawski, Editor

Wauwatosa West students and staff have various plans and traditions for Winter Break before returning to school on January 2nd. 

The break lasts from December 23rd through January 1st. Some students simply look forward to the days off from school. Other students enjoy celebrating various holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the New Year during the break.

Many students such as Senior Sofia Bratley use the break to spend time with friends and family. 

Bratley said every year over break, “I enjoy eating dinner at my grandma’s house with all my family and even a few friends.” 

For the holidays, many students spend a significant amount of time with close friends. 

Senior Simon Robb appreciates and looks forward to “spending time with my friends that I consider brothers” while on break. 

Others such as Senior Izzy Jacobson appreciate having some time away from others.

Jacobson looks forward to “having more time for myself.” 

Others relish not dealing with the heavy workload of school for a couple of days. 

“I am looking forward to not having to go to school,” Junior Olivia Pelzek said. 

Pelzek also wishes for an abstract Christmas present. 

“Some peace of mind is what I’d prefer,” Pelzek said. 

Wauwatosa West Principal Frank Calarco also wishes for a Christmas gift based more on experience. 

Calarco said for Christmas “I want to spend quality time with my family.”

Many students still hope for physical gifts. 

“I really want airpod pros.  They will make my life so much better,” Senior Sarah Oliver said. 

Technology is a common present in the hopes of students. 

Jacobson hopes to receive “money for a computer for college.”

Students and staff also have the new year in mind. Many are thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. 

“For 2020, I want to eat healthier and be more positive within myself,” Bratley said. 

Students want to take more free time for themselves and to improve their skills. 

Jacobson wants “to make more time for myself, do yoga every night before bed instead of being on my phone, and really practicing figure drawing.”

However, there are some aspects of break students and staff are not looking forward to. 

Many students are not looking forward to returning to school after break. Some of those with jobs aren’t looking forward to having extra hours. Others aren’t looking forward to doing their homework. Some said they will miss certain aspects of the school day.

Bratley said, “I am not looking forward to not seeing my favorite teachers over the break.”