Students Participate in Hispanic Student Union


Hispanic Student Union is a new club created at Wauwatosa West to invite all students to participate in learning more about the hispanic culture. 

The club was fabricated in the 2018-2019 school year by senior Rachel Maria to find a way for all students no matter what culture or background they came from to feel included and respected in the school community of Tosa West. 

“It just serves as a community for people to find guidelines towards volunteering opportunities and fundraising opportunities that can go towards scholarships,” Maria said. 

The Hispanic student union club holds meetings nearly every other Friday during the year with multiple different activities and food to create a safe, inclusive environment at the school. 

“Every meeting is different. We always have snacks that is a constant, but sometimes it centers current events, like immigration policy- that would affect us,” Maria said. 

Each meeting has different goals and topics for students to talk about. 

“During the meetings, we try to organize different trips we can take to different organizations outside of school to get students involved,” junior Maddie Bishop involved in HSU said. 

However, each start of a new club comes with its challenges. 

“We did not have a large turnout in the beginning. It was kind of hard to get the clubs started and on its feet and have people actually know that HSU existed and that anybody is welcome,” Maria said. 

Hispanic student union is a place for Hispanic/latino students to feel represented in Tosa West since it is 6% of the student body that is Hispanic/Latino. Latinos account for the single largest minority group in the state of Wisconsin. 

“I feel like more people feel connected to their culture after joining the club, especially because this is a surrounding relatively white suburban neighborhood,” senior Angie Rueda in HSU said. 

Meetings are held every other Friday starting on the 8th of November. For more information about HSU visit Senora Bautista in room 284, Rachel Maria senior President of HSU or take a look at the daily announcements.