Wauwatosa West Alumna Gabby Bree Gives Advice to the Student Body

Gabby Bree, Alumna

Dear Wauwatosa West Students,

Getting good grades in school is something that is very important to students so that they can be successful, but not every student is naturally gifted in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) related classes, which is something that many people value over the arts. While STEM courses are necessary, they don’t guarantee the success of a student, but taking extra-curriculars like art-based courses can actually help students excel in school. By taking art classes students can unlock the creative side of their brain, which can help with abstract thinking in other classes. For example; if a student doesn’t understand how to solve a problem one way, they can think creatively and solve it another way, which can improve their grades. 

Art classes are also good sources to alleviate stress in students because they create confidence, which plays a key part in their grades. Having confidence in school assures students that they are intelligent and can achieve their goals, but when a student struggles in class, that can lower their confidence and intensify their stress levels, which isn’t good for their overall health or grades. By taking an art class, whether it’s painting, music, or even dance, students can succeed and gain the confidence to thrive, without being expected to be the next Picasso. 

Every student wants to succeed, but by restricting a schedule to only taking core classes and no art, they are eliminating important skills and limiting their potential. High school can be a very stressful 4 years, but by trying new things, like art, students can open up more doors and be more successful. 

As a Tosa West graduate, I know from personal experience that these programs helped me a lot, and I hope that other students give them a chance as well.


Note from the author:

My name is Gabby Bree and I graduated from Wauwatosa West High School last year. I currently attend the University of Wisconsin La Crosse and plan on majoring in biology. In high school I was a part of 3 honors societies, which was a lot to keep up with and was pretty stressful. Despite all of that stress, one thing that did help me a lot was involving myself in the arts at Wauwatosa West. This was something that I wasn’t very familiar with and it was scary at first, but by doing this, it helped me succeed in my other classes that I originally struggled with. Along with that I also earned the Bob Ross award in the yearbook, which was pretty cool. Wauwatosa West’s art programs shaped me into the person I am today, and I hope that with this brief essay others might open up and try to involve themselves in them as well.