Wauwatosa West Holds Annual Blood Drive



Wauwatosa West student donates blood at last year’s blood drive in the Upper Gym.

Victoria Lopez

Wauwatosa West partners with the Blood Center of Wisconsin to hold its tenth annual blood drive on Friday November 22nd in the upper gym.   

“I’m donating plasma because I have sickle cell anemia so I can’t donate blood,” Senior Aniyah Chambers explained. 

Chambers is someone who is passionate about encouraging others to donate blood after members of her family joined the 4.5 million other Americans that need a blood transfusion every year. 

“My family wasn’t able to receive the blood they needed. I saw the effects on them firsthand and I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through that,” Chambers said.

Despite 38% of the U.S population being eligible to donate blood, it has been found that only 10% do annually. 

“I am not donating blood because I have a big fear of needles and last time I gave blood I almost passed out,” Senior Jacob Burgardt explained. ¨I support the cause and encourage others to donate, it’s just not for me. ̈ 

Burgardt’s concerns are not uncommon as many others that aren’t donating or are on the fence about donating have similar concerns. 

With these concerns being addressed many new donors are coming for the drive. Currently 81 students have signed up. 

“I have never donated before and I’m really scared but I wanted to try something new,”  Junior and first time donor Alanna Singleton said. 

With an all time high of 96 students signing up last year high last year and exceeding the unit goal by 109%, Wauwatosa West staff are trying to continue that momentum into the upcoming year. 

“We are looking forward to this Friday’s blood drive. Twice a year Wauwatosa West High School holds successful blood drives. We make a big impact on the lives of local patients in need,” said event organizer and School Counselor Sara Weiler.

The National Honor Society is prepping for the blood drive by signing up students during lunch prior to the event and receiving a presentation from Jim Yee, a representative from Blood Center. 

During the event members plan to arrive at 7:00 am on November 22nd to help unload trucks and set up, along with working at the blood drive throughout the day. 

“Our NHS members make our blood drives successful. They volunteer for various jobs, show up on time, work hard and take it seriously. We could not do this without our NHS member’s dedication and service,” Weiler said. 

Wauwatosa West’s National Honor Society is working closely with the Blood Center of Wisconsin in order to encourage more students to donate up to 470 ml. The average adult will have up to 6 liters of blood at any given time. 

Chambers said, “To people that are on the fence about giving blood, just think that you were the person in need of blood and no one was giving blood, how would that make you feel?”