“Tosa Skateboarders United” Hold Fundraiser to Expand Tosa Skatepark


Ethan Garder and Vincent Olson

Tosa Skateboarders United” seeks to raise $150,000 to expand the Wauwatosa Skatepark by 2020.  

A fundraiser will be held from 5 pm till 9 pm at the Muellner building in Hart Park on September 29th.  Admission is $25 for adults and $10 for youth under 13 years old. The fundraiser will have a silent auction, food and drinks, and feature musical performances from Webster X and other local Milwaukee musicians. The Wauwatosa Public Skatepark has been open since November of 2015. 

The Wauwatosa Skatepark is a popular location for people to skateboard and scooter.

“During the summer it’s my go to activity. Last summer, I can’t think of a time I wasn’t there hanging out with my friends and skating,” says Wauwatosa West Senior Nick Kochanski. 

Kochanski said the skatepark has had a huge impact on his life because of how many new people he has met and the new memories he has made there. 

The upcoming expansion is also believed to directly benefit the local skateboard shop Phase II, only a block away from the skateshop.

The skatepark has been a great positive impact on our business at the shop. We specifically placed the shop here in anticipation of the skate park being built. Also, we knew if we didn’t put a shop here that someone else would” said Phase II owner Mark Zitzer.

Zitzer believes the skate park has had a positive impact on other businesses as well.

Zitzer openly believes that the general public and city officials have realized how positive and necessary the Skatepark is. This said he is convinced the organization will raise $150,000 needed for the expansion much quicker than the first time. 

Not only does the Skatepark and its expansion have an affect on the people that experience it, it also has an impact on the students of Wauwatosa West High School. For one student, Simon Robb, the expansion of the skate park renewed his interest in the skate park.  

“I see the skatepark expansion as an opportunity for kids to learn how to skate and make new friends, and to even have something to do after school,” Robb said.