Wauwatosa West Student Continues to Curl


Hailey Pitcher, Staff Reporter

Wisconsin has the largest amount of curlers in the country. Curling is a sport in which players slide stones with handles across the ice to reach a target. Connor Hipke, a student at Wauwatosa West, plays for the Wauwatosa Curling Club. 

Curlers like Hipke sweep the ice in front of the stones giving them a smoother path to the target. The stones weigh about forty pounds each. The object is to get the most rocks closest to the bullseye, which is how points are scored. Hipke has been curling since he was 8.

“I’m a family curler, so I’m a fourth generation curler,” said Hipke. 

Curling has been passed down in his family, and he hopes to continue it, although he has no current goals for it in his future.

In curling there are two teams that consist of four players each. Two years ago Hipke and his team won the gold medal at the U18 Junior Nationals. “It was really fun. We’ve gotten two silver medals since then,” said Hipke.

According to Hipke, “a normal curling practice consists of warming up for about 5 to 10 minutes and just throwing stones down the ice, practicing shots, practicing sweeping.” 

Scotland introduced curling to the world, but it is now biggest in Canada. Curling was officially added to the Olympics in the 1998 Winter Games. 

People who have interest in curling can sign up and try it out at the Muellner Building at Hart Park where Hipke practices.