Teacher Turnover Brings Concerns

Molly Dorley, Staff Reporter

According to teacher turnover researchers, there’s a revolving door of teacher turnover that costs school districts upwards of $2.2 billion a year.

A teacher turnover rate is the rate as a percentage of teachers leaving the designated school districts for personal reasons or because of other reasons. Each state has a teacher turnover rate and is separated by districts. The metro Milwaukee system contains the Wauwatosa School District. The teacher turnover rate within the Wauwatosa School district was at 10% in 2012 and is currently 14% in 2018.

Wauwatosa West High school is familiar with the teacher turnover rate over the last few years. The 2018-2019 school year will consist of a few teacher changes and the students will have to learn to adjust.

¨Next year is going to be really different with all the teacher leaving. I was looking forward to having Mr. Widuch as my AP Biology teacher next year” says Junior Kayla Wisniewski.

A teacher has a 24/7 job with long hours and pile of grading every night.

¨I want people on the outside to understand the commitment teachers have to their students and their learning¨ says English Teacher Caitlin Dee.

Teachers at Wauwatosa West are lucky to work in such an engaged environment and the teachers appreciate the willingness to participate from the students to the staff.

¨Not all schools would be so willing to have those tough conversations, and we are lucky that we’re allowed to and that our students want to engage in them with us¨ says Caitlin Dee.

¨This is my third and final year at Tosa West. I am moving to Des Moines, IA in June.¨ says Caitlin Dee. ¨The fact that we are constantly working to improve and make sure everyone feels safe and respected is quite admirable.¨

¨The teachers I have have good teaching styles that fit my learning perfectly. It will be interesting to see how I do next year with so many of them leaving¨ says Junior Julia Larson.

Wauwatosa West is grateful for the time and effort the teachers have given during their time at our school.

¨I was glad that I had them, but I will miss them for sure¨ says Julia Larson.