Cheese Fry Journey


Megan Veit, Staff Reporter

Cheese fries. Arguably the greatest food of all time. I, along with my colleague, Megan Krummel intend to answer the frequently asked question: Where can I find the best cheese fries?

Over the past few months, Megan and I have traveled to different restaurants around the Milwaukee area to find the best cheese fries.                                        



16065 W Bluemound Rd

Brookfield, WI 53005

We first went to Fudruckers to put their cheese fries to the test. Unfortunately, Megan and I were not impressed. The cheese was self serve and the fries were the potato skin kinds, I for one, am not a fan of french fries that are just too potatoey. Not to mention, the cheese was really watery, I’d have to rate this one 3/10. A great effort but failed in our eyes.



12505 W Burleigh Rd

Brookfield, WI 53006

Feeling a bit discouraged, Megan and I headed to a restaurant we go to on numerous occasions, a place where we know we would not be disappointed: Murfs. Megan and I are no strangers to these cheese fries which is why it is easy to rate them an 8/10. The fries are super good, the perfect balance and the cheese is delish!!! However, it lacks the wow factor.“I can always count on these fries,” reports Senior Megan Krummel.


Portillo’s Hot Dogs

17685 W. Bluemound Rd

Brookfield, WI 53045

In better spirits about our quest, Megan and I headed to a new place for an authentic review. Our next stop was Portillos. These fries brought a lot of controversy between Megan and me. Megan argued that the fries were good but the cheese was too watery.Megan confirms, “I also like these kinds of fries but the cheese is HELLA watery?” I, on the other hand, could not agree. I believed the cheese was perfectly fine but the fries were the krinkle fries aka too potatoey for my liking. I said the night of the review, “I HATE these type of fries! Too potatoey! Don’t get me wrong I love potatoes but something about these type of fries really grinds my gears. However, the cheese was pretty good.” Megan and I were glad we could bring differing opinions to our reviews so we felt more credible.


Comet Cafe

1947 N Farwell Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53202

On to our next destination, Comet Cafe, We both agreed that these cheese fries were the real deal. We both thought there was a perfect balance between the cheese and the fries. The cheese was beer cheese and they were lightly seasoned which really went a long way in our opinion.“It was everything I’d hoped it’d be. Maybe more.” I stated the night of the review. It is fair to say Megan and I will be returning because these cheese fries were absolutely amazing. A 10/10 recommendation from Megan and me.


Miller Park

1 Brewers Way

Milwaukee, WI 53214

To conclude this article, we went to one more place: Miller Park Brewers Stadium to put their cheese fries to the test. (strictly on business terms, not in any relation to senior skip day of course). Megan and I adored the fact that the fries were waffle fries! “Waffle fries are always a plus,” reported Krummel. The cheese was a classic cheese you would get on average cheese fries. It wasn’t anything spectacular, however they certainly earned extra points because of the waffle fries. Megan and I were also expecting the fries to come in the souvenir baseball hat bowls, but instead they were just in a regular paper bowl. “The presentation was definitely underwhelming. I’m disappointed,” I said on the day of the Brewer game.


To conclude this review, We definitely endorse Comet Cafe as having the best cheese fries thus far. But now you know what places are reliable and which ones maybe are not.

If you are still interested in following our journey to find the best cheese fries you can follow Megan and I’s cheese fry review instagram account (ig: cheesefryjourney). This account is not affiliated with Tosa West in any form, as it does indeed have some swear words, as we are very passionate about cheese fries.

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