West Orchestra Performs Spring Concert


Caleb Vollmers, Staff Reporter

Come on a journey with the Wauwatosa West Symphony and Concert Orchestra for their spring concert May 22nd. The concert begins at 7pm in the West auditorium. 

The line-up for the concert is as follows, Agincourt, Waltz No. 2, Anvil Chorus, Iditarod, Sorcerer’s Apprentince,  A Dance of Clowns, The Great Locomotive Chase, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Labyrinth and the Mad King, and Mamma Mia.

“The theme of the concert is overcoming struggles and having a strong finish. The songs are all like a journey which it’s really parallel with the seniors situations,” said 12th grade Violinist Caroline Rachow.

With songs from the 1800 to the present the orchestra has a large variety of music for all listeners. 

“My favorite song is Iditarod. It’s upbeat and fast. It has lots of time changes and sounds really cool,” said 9th grade violist Grace Dykstra.

The orchestra students have been preparing their repertoire for months.

“We got the music back in December or January,” said Grace Dykstra.

The orchestra contains grades from all ages and instruments. Symphony orchestra will contain string, woodwind, brass, and percussion.

“I think it’s really rewarding. I get to see all the progress over this year and over many years as well. The pay off takes years but it’s very rewarding. Students in orchestra learn social skills, Disiplin, appreciation of culture, and time management,” said Orchestra Teacher Tiffany Chang.

The concert starts at 7:00 PM on May 22nd. Concert orchestra will perform first and then symphony orchestra will perform second.

“I like being in orchestra because it’s great being a part of something and it’s great to learn about the songs we’re playing,” siad Caroline Rachow.

Adults are $4, students and seniors are $2 or free with either an activities pass or gold card.

“I like orchestra because it’s fun and Mrs Chang picks fun music. It’s also something other than sitting and listening like most other classes,” said Grace Dykstra.