The Importance of Art Class


Jessiemae Peters, Student Reporter

Research consistently shows that students in schools that provide art classes throughout their school careers, are more open to bigger experiences, open mindedness, creativity, and self motivated goals.

“Art is a common experience, no matter what language you speak or where you were born, we all use drawing as an early form of expression,” West art teacher Jessica Belich said.

Art is everywhere, it is everything. Art can help students engage with the world around them.

“It’s very useful,” Belich said. “Thinking creatively helps me solve lots of problems with my finances, my health, and my friendships.”

Art teacher Gillian Brennan believes it helps her develop a deeper understanding and can help students in other areas of their lives.

“Art is very meaningful to me in that it helps me express myself and helps me to understand others expression as well,” Brennan said, “Art can also help students better understand other subjects, especially for visual learners.”

Art has been known to help students gain insight to who they are as people, and what they can do to succeed in life.

“I believe that art education is truly an essential part of a student’s WHOLE education,” Brennan said, “The arts nurture creativity, build confidence, increase problem-solving skills, and help students to think broader.”

Understanding the value of art has been shown to open up people’s minds to others interests and lives.

“I feel art really does help build self confidence,” Wauwatosa West graduate Colin Ek, said, “For many artists the things they create are such a raw and personal representation of themselves as an individual.”

Wauwatosa West senior Abigail Thao agrees with Ek.

“You get to show off YOUR creative side,” Thao said, “You get to dive into your imagination and make it come to life.”

Ngaru Nen (Senior) works on a portrait drawing