AP Exam Study Tips

AP exams are starting and Tosa West students are preparing for exams taking place on May 7th through May 18th. AP exams are college level tests that are administered to high school students who wish to receive credits for college courses. Hard studying is on the agenda for Tosa West students teachers agree that success on the exam comes from studying.

“If students study outside of class, participate in the in class study activities, and have a strong work ethic, they will be well prepared for the exam” says AP Psychology teacher Padi Kong.

The AP Psychology Exam in particular is sectioned off into 2 parts; a multiple choice section and a free response question. Students have 70 minutes to complete multiple choice and 50 minutes on the free response.

“We have spent all year preparing for this exam so I expect my students who are taking the exam to do good under the time constraints” says Kong.

Time constraints and specific AP criteria can be found on the college board website. Students are expected to know all the information on the test. To have the most success on the exams, Kong suggests some study tips.

Space out study sessions, practice applying terms to real life examples, chunk together similar information and do not wait till the last minute!” says Kong.

“I spent about 5 hours in total and a solid 3 class periods of psych doing review activities” says Tosa West Junior Kate Zimney. “I thought the test was easy for me because I spent  time outside of class studying and going over vocab words” says Kate Zimney.

Scores from the AP tests will be administered back to the students in July and will then know if they will recieve college credits.

“I always encourage my students to take the exam. Who doesn’t love college credits?!” says Kong.