In Remembrance

Yesterday, Monday December 1st, marked the 22nd anniversary of the day Assistant Principal Dale Breitlow was shot and killed by a former Wauwatosa West student.

After school yesterday, current Principal, Frank Calarco made an announcement in remembrance of this particular day and also to inform students about the annual Breitlow Barbecue.

Every spring, all three principals and Officer Griffin cook hamburgers and cheeseburgers for the staff and students to eat. Mr. Breitlow started this tradition while he was here at Wauwatosa West.

“It was his tradition and as a way to honor him, we kept that tradition going,” said Calarco.

Calarco was working at Wauwatosa West on December 1st, 1993. Mr. Breitlow had hired him as a football coach and student supervisor. On that day, Calarco was working over at Eisenhower and was walking over to West to come and coach when he couldn’t get into the building. He still remembers the aftermath of that day quite vividly.

“I remember the vigil. We were first in the gym and then went out to do a lap on the track with the candles,” said Calarco.

Mr. Breitlow was a very well respected man in the school and has been greatly missed from the halls of Wauwatosa West.

“He never gave up on kids,” said Calarco. “He was selfless, always thought of others.”

Calarco made the announcement on December 1st in the hopes that in spring, students will appreciate and remember Mr. Breitlow and the traditions that have been carried on in his memory.